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Chacha Nehru Bal Chikitsalaya
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CNBC Initiave- Training on Patient Safety 

Topic Sub-Topics Presented by Size PDF File
Need & Concept of Patient safety:An overview Sensitization towards patient safety
How to proceed towards problem defining areas of patient safety,Team appreoach,Case base scenarios on patient safety,Madicine an art or science
Dr. K.K.Kalra  4.32MB
Medication Safety-I Definitions,Role of stackholders, commonscenarios,identification of problems,reporting,dsigning tools  Dr. R.S. Ganguli  0.97MB  
Medication Safety-II Common type of medication errors,Infusion devices,injection safety,LASA,Misidentification Dr. Usha Gupta  1.10MB  
Motivation   Ms. Tanu Girotra  8.38KB
Infection Control-I Boimedical waste managment,hand hygeine,Standard precautions,Spill management,Needle stick injury Dr.Vikas Manchanda  6.17MB
Infection Control-II

Engineering control,CSSD,Laundry

Investigation of anoutbreak

Dr. Vikas Manchanda  3.29MB
Disaster Management & Fire Safety Code Yellow& Code Red ,External disaster,Internal disaster Dr. Anil Agarwal  2.27MB
Rationale use of Blood Transfusion reaction-monitoring & management,Storage of blood bag and safe disposal,Safe blood banking Dr. Bharat Singh



Laboratory Safety Emergencies,chemical hygiene plan,MSDS,Biosafety level,safety audits monitorng Dr. Vikas Manchanda  743KB  
Principlesof Risk Assessment &
Adverse Event
Risk management,AE reporting-RCA,CPA,Adverse event analysis  Ms. Mandakni Pawar  351KB

Communication Skills&Human Resource

Patient Education
Promoting Teamwork
Patient Handover,
Dr. K.K. Kalra 772KB
Credentialing &Previleging   Dr K.K. Kalra 190KB  
Surgical Safety Surgical safety checklist,
Preoperative&Post-operative transfer
checklist,Case scenarios

Dr. Anup Mohta

Dr.Vishesh Jain

Anaesthesia Safety Errorsin Aneasthetics Mnaagement
Medical Safety Gas Drugs Errors checklist
Dr. Sapna Bathla 1.32MB
Resuscitation CPR,code blue analysis Dr. Swati
Dr. Geeta Kamal
Facility Safety Planning & designing existing & new healthcare facilities Dr. Bidhan Das 1.03MB
Radiation Safety Role of RSO,AERB regulations Signage,Safety audits Ms. Reena Kashyap 5.86MB
Inventory Management&
Equipment Maintenance
ABC&VDCAnalysis,HistoryLogsof the
equipments preventive&breakdown
maintenance schedule
Dr. R.S. Ganguli 142KB
Nursing Care/Chronic CarePatient transfer,Managing falls
Bedsore,Gangrene,Pallative care
Dr. Sunil Khetarpal 46.8MB  
Clinical Audit What clinical audit,How to do
Benefitof clinical audit
Dr. Vivek Verma 143KB
Involving Patient and family
in Health care
Patient education,rights and
Ms. Tanu Girotra 362KB
Stress Management Patient education,rights and
Ms. Tanu Girotra

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